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The headline is oversold. The meat is this: "The conservative-led Republican Study Committee just put out a Policy Brief that questions forty years of bipartisan support for tougher copyright enforcement".

Now that's good news, and I think the analysis in the post is spot-on. This is the kind of thinking we'd hope to see out of a "new, more moderate" reinvented republican party. But one policy brief does not a policy make, and this one doesn't even (apparently) advocate for any explicit policy.

They're dipping a toe in the water. At least they're thinking about swimming, but we've got a long way to go before this turns into something worth voting over IMHO.

I'm sure their political consultants are watching very closely how this gets picked up in the social media, particularly by those who are identified as thought leaders.

Seriously, a tweet like "Wow maybe the Republicans aren't so corrupt and stupid after all [link] please RT" could make a noiceable difference in the behavior of Lamar Smith and his ilk.

What you're praising, and what this proposal can lead to, is the exact opposite of "moderate".

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