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addlepate wrote 37 minutes ago | link [dead]

OK. I bet you use a WebKit browser.

addlepate: you were hell-banned 100 days ago (unfairly in my mind).

Here's an easy clue: if your comments never get above or below 1 point for days, that means you are hell-banned.


The only thing you could infer from that is that you're not a bad enough poster to warrant downvotes.


Not really. It's a sure sign that you are hell-banned.

I mean, we can check statistically, and I bet we would find that nobody stays at 1 point forever in all his comments.

(And it's also upvotes you won't be getting).


I can't be the only one who upvotes good comments from hellbanned accounts in the hopes that the vote will have some impact.


Another clue is that nobody ever responds to you.


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