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I've done a bit of that sort of matchmaking for some great folks who've reached out to me. Its incredibly hard for most job seekers to know which businesses are a good fit (and vice versa) until they chat with each other.

I've done a surprising amount of that sort of matchmaking in the past 6 months (smart folks reach out to me, I redirect them to a place that would be an exciting fun fit for them right now). I'm pretty amazed as how awesomely its worked out for all those folks and associated companies.

It gives me great pleasure to be doing that matching for other people (and which I've never had the pleasure of getting myself).

[meta remark: its also been the first time I've seen how my ability to have a really good read on how folks will get along & what their strengths/weakness/growth areas are actually ridiculously useful. I'd long thought those two skills of mine are useless]

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