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If anything the situation is worse than he makes it out to be because apart from Edgerank factors there's also the ease with which fans can permanently hide the visibility of page posts. All it takes is disapproval of one post, followed by a single unsubscribe.

No easy way around this maybe, since fans have to be able to easily unsubscribe, but it's another big reason why collecting a ton of likes for your Facebook page may be largely wasted energy.

How about not posting shit as a way to prevent people from unliking? I see more and more companies posting things without any value just to make sure their logo pops up regularly on user's news feed.

I think that misses my point. I'm all for easy hiding of page posts for fans, but the honest thing for FB to do is call a spade a spade and remove the Like when that happens. As things stand the page still thinks they have a fan when they don't - it's not a good reflection of reality.

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