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Tell HN: It's still worth putting your name on the waiting list for HN London
4 points by Peroni 1688 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite
Hey folks. As usual, the 500 spots for HN London have been filled in under 24 hours. It's worth noting however that at least 10% of the people on the original list of 500 fail to show up on the night. Most of those also forget to change their status so it doesn't appear like slots are available.

If you are really, super desperate to come along and you are on the waiting list, drop me an email.

We've got some decent talks lined up for this month but we are also really keen to talk to some high profile names about headlining upcoming meet-ups. If you're kind of a big deal or know someone who is (we'd love to speak to people of the same calibre of previous speakers such as Joel Spolsky, Eben Upton & Rand Fishkin) then please let us know.

Finally, remember that Dmitri & I organise this on an entirely voluntary basis and it's just the two of us so please do all you can to help us ensure the night runs like clockwork.

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