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Actually, it was for creating a Facebook event. Arguably even more private.


My bad, worth a mention though.

This one's a little more outrageous :|

Eh, the story there isn't really anything to do with social media. It's about riot-related crimes being treated more harshly.

But, the rioting there never happened. It only ever got as far as a Facebook event, seen only by their own friends. (And a friend of a friend, who obviously panicked a little)

It was in the context of riots elsewhere in England -- if you read the whole article, there was a nationwide directive to treat rioting related incidents far more harshly than is the norm. (I'm not defending this!)

Some other examples from the article were jail sentences for small thefts, such as a single bottle of water. Like stealing a bottle of water, calling for a riot (regardless of whether anyone shows up) is a crime. The real story here is the general pattern: harsh prosecutions for crimes that would normally be forgiven.

So it's legal to plan a riot, as long as the riot never materializes?

You aren't allowed to plan a murder, even if you never actually murder someone. It's the same thing.

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