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Hi Phil,

I am probably in a position similar to yours 2 years ago: I am working and learning to code on the side.

Could I ask you how did you get the integration with xero and freeagent? I am working on an app too (vendors and orders management) and I keep wondering how to reach out potential customers.

We are listed here: http://www.freeagent.com/developers/goodies which drives some traffic our way.

FreeAgent and our customers have mentioned us on twitter/blogged about us sporadically over the last couple of years.

Don't just wait. We are still working on our Xero integration (I only really started on it last week), and I stuck up http://floatapp.com/xero so we could collect emails of people who wanted to try the beta, and we've got ~70 replies (mostly from accountants) by sharing it on twitter/facebook/linked in/Xero's support forums.

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