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> I'd be ashamed of it if I was Indian.

Well, as an Indian, I agree that we have very corrupt systems, at all levels. But when someone commits an act of corruption, you've got to realize he's doing it because he's selfish and not because of any other reason. So am I angry about it? Yes. Should that make me ashamed of being an Indian? Definitely not. As long as I am doing what is right, I have nothing to be ashamed of.

What if the same situation were to occur to me?

Then my anger would better be directed towards the person/people responsible, because Indian constitution never gives a powerful man previlege over a commoner, nor does it validate corruption. Except that one phrase, I don't object to anything else. I don't need to be ashamed of what evil some bastards are doing, just because we share the same nationality

PS: sorry for the long reply. I waited till the actual issue was resolved so this wouldn't draw the focus away

Being ashamed of "it" (corruption, handling of the case) and being ashamed of being an Indian seem to be extremely far removed from each other.

If nobody is ashamed of the process of law in your country, then change will probably be a long time coming.

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