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I'm working full time, 60hrs a week, taking two MBA courses a semester and still finding time to work on my startup. I know there's going to be a lot of people who disagree with this, but as much as I would like to drop everything and get hack-crazy, I don't for three reasons:

1.)I have expenses that need to be paid. My current savings could get me through maybe 5 months? and then what? 2.) I like knowing I have a backup plan. I think its what, 5% of business launched that succeed? Despite working my way through the other 95% of fails already, having an incredibly solid business plan, and (for the first-time)a passion for the product; its still nice to know I can provide for myself and my family. 3.) This is the big one... I need money for my business!. II can hire faster, advertise easier. How's a little guy to compete with the big boys without a hefty budget applied to smart marketing!

With all that said, I have considered dropping my hours, or my job entirely, but why take the risk? there's nobody in my space. There's no rush! Why take a risk of losing everything, when there's no risk of losing your idea to someone else.

I'm in a similar situation to you, I work 40 hour weeks, maintain a demanding relationship with my girlfriend, freelance in my spare time and still fit in a couple of hours a night for my private projects.

More needs to be discussed about this group of entrepreneurs. So much emphasis is put on the full time, no-expenses-or-responsibilities-whatsoever early to mid 20s male entrepreneur s, but I think there are probably a lot more entrepreneurs like you guys.

I think I can survive with what I have got for the next 1 year so I can focus on my startup. Yes, it's that little hope that keeps me focused and motivated too. But, I believe that it is worth putting more effort in the product development and worry less about marketing cost at this early stage. Anyway, how hard I try I cannot compete with big boys in marketing!

Thanks for sharing your experience.

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