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Hacker News new logo concept (dribbble.com)
76 points by jglovier on Nov 2, 2012 | hide | past | favorite | 37 comments

That's very good.

Would you consider implementing a logo like this on HN?

The YC logo on HN is not the site's logo; it's a very small banner ad.

Not sure how much you can judge if a logo looks good or not in that picture. I think it only looks good because he placed it in front of huge orange block. Scale it down, remove the huge orange background and it will look very different. Logos are not independent items, they have to be seen in context to be judged.

Yea, this 'HN' logo doesn't scale down well in a favicon. I like the idea of the 'Y' because its two lines being combined into one.

The funny thing is, I designed it at about 30px x 30px, and then scaled it up and recreated it in illustrator.

The proportions need a tiny bit of tweaking, but it doesn't really look too bad as a favicon. Here's the favicon version: http://cl.ly/Kd16

Great, it is much better result than when I tried with 32x32. I am having a lot of problems lately with logo's that don't work well when scaled down or as favicons.. so after recently learning this lesson I guess I am a bit preoccupied with how they work on small scale.

haha, well it IS a good point. So often designs are created that aren't scalable. That's one of my pet peeves actually.

Moot point. Logos are routinely tweaked and adjusted depending on the target presentation size.

I don't get what the big deal is. It's the same log but with different letters. It sticks to the same structure as the current one with the same palette.

Design is subtle. Good design seems obvious.

I say that only somewhat tongue-in-cheek. The precise spacing, kerning, proportions, typeface, line width, other ratios, etc do matter.

The look is simple, timeless, and iconic.

That said, it does seem rather too "obvious."

I often struggle with whether to praise design that is so stupidly simple. Companies spend millions to end up with such simple things.

True, true. I defended Microsoft's new branding. It does take effort to come to a decision between seemingly similar designs. This one just seems like it should have been done earlier, I just feel like it's getting disproportionate praise (not to bag the designer), maybe just because pg said it's good.


Why would HN need a new logo? This is just the same like the current logo, just with changed letters. I don't think that a change is necessary.

The existing logo is quite good, however, it could be spiced up using a more beautiful font ;-)


That really rocks! The Hacker News site could really use a make over

Why is that? It's very effective at what it does now.

The complaint most people have is that the interface sucks on mobile phones. There is no way to expand/collapse threads and hitting the up/down vote arrow is impossible.

However, I exclusively use http://ihackernews.com on my phone which solves both problems.

Seems to me like the CSS would just need a minor tweak to support phones/tablets, using media queries. It's not a particularly complicated layout.

HN does not use CSS for layout.

I find it interesting (not in a snarky bad way mind you) that HN is the source of many great startups pushing the envelope with what can be done with websites and yet here we are on a site that uses tables for layout, perfectly functional and in use.

Whenever I make assumptions about HN, I'm usually wrong :) thanks for the info

I'm looking forward to the demo tomorrow. I guess we'll have to wait to see this fancy Windows 8 app?

Beautiful, wish I had a Dribbble account too so I could rebound this babe.

Does HN need a redesign? Not really in my opinion, but a subtle facelift would be alright.

Does anyone know what font this is?

I believe it's Bebas. http://typedia.com/explore/typeface/bebas

Edit: "Typeface is custom, but based on proportions in Blanch." [1]

[1] http://www.losttype.com/font/?name=blanch

I suspect that the word you are looking for is "condensed".




Alternatively, there's also "compressed", "narrow" and "extra narrow" variants of fonts.

Ever tried http://whatthefont.com? Pretty handy, not sure if it knows this font but always good to try.

The characters are just made froms scratch, but roughly based on the proportions of Blanch Condensed. Considering making a whole typeface out of it now.

I wish I had a dribbble account, I'd rebound this.

Interesting. I'd assumed the [Y] stayed intentionally. I'm even more shocked to see pg praising it, though I suppose it's not up in the corner. Between the current styling and the approach towards reboots, I got the impression that the classic look is classic for a reason.

I didn't mean I want to replace the YC logo with it, just that it's a really well done logo.

I too assumed the "lack of branding" was to keep the site from attracting the wrong kind of attention.

The word on the tip of my tongue is "homey".

Unless your getting paid, or you think you'll be getting mad referrals from it, why do an HN logo? Why not do your own stuff?

At least get pg to pay you for it. Seriously. He has the money, he should pay for it.

Well if you read my comments on the dribbble shot, this was simply done as part of a Windows8 demo app in collaboration with MS for the Build conference. Our CEO demo'd an app we created just to show off the ease of which you can build apps with HTML, CSS and JS for the Windows8 app store.

Just thought it would be fun to slightly re-imagine the Hacker News logo, esp since it doesn't really have it's own. It just uses the Y-Combinator logo.

Also, as a creative, taking on projects for fun often is a terrific "creative release" where you can do whatever you want in the realm of creativity because there are not actual client requirements.

And FTR, I do plenty of my own stuff. Just check out my other dribbble shots, or my site (http://joelglovier.com).

This was answered on the same page that showed the logo, really. It was designed as an application icon, for a Hacker News reader demo application for Windows 8.

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