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New York, NY

Looking for Haskell developers

We prefer local candidates, but may accept remote for specific cases or arrange for relocation

Soostone is a SaaS technology provider for advanced customer segmentation, targeting and experience personalization capabilities for e-commerce clients around the world. We go above and beyond the market norms in the amount of data captured/analyzed and depth of specific capabilities built into our platform in order to take advantage of optimization opportunities for our clients.

Located in NYC, we are looking for folks who:

- would be excited to use Haskell for 90%+ of their work producing highly scalable commercial software

- have a strong command of Haskell and its various abstraction concepts to produce working commercial code from the get go

- are execution oriented and enjoy producing working code fast

- have a solid software design sense, good judgement and an interest in plugging into the discussions on design/architecture of challenging new capabilities

- have an interest in working on a variety of problems, including big data crunching, large scale real-time computations, application of machine learning algorithms, performance and scalability and web/ui development.

- may have an interest in data analysis and application of machine learning, statistical and/or AI concepts

If you are interested, we'd love to have a conversation. Just shoot us an e-mail at jobs@soostone.com.

Do you have a preference for either Yesod or Snap?

We use Snap, but frankly if you know one, you can learn the other in a matter of hours. One of the nice things about Haskell is that the API often speaks for itself, and for all their differences, their APIs are actually fairly similar.

Also, it may be of note that I am one of the core contributors to the Snap Framework.

do you have mightybyte on board too?

(i like chatting with other nyc haskellers, so i'll be emailling yah :) )

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