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Yeah, I feel like this is one of those situations where companies go to war and consumers lose. Apple didn't create their own Maps to disrupt the space or because they have the same passion for wayfinding that they have for music; they did it as a power play against Google.

I disagree. Google had a monopoly on the maps market and was taking advantage of it. Apple's Maps app used vector images, brought 3d buildings to more cities, used higher quality textures, etc. They may have problems with it but I feel like the added enough innovation to force Google Maps to be better.


Google had vector maps before Apple, actually. It was on Android in 2010.


Mapping is a growing part of the iOS SDK, I can understand Apple not wanting to be dependent on Google for that, particularly after Google started demanding significantly increased fees for Google Maps API usage:


Google walked back some of the worst effects of the changes:


but by then the damage had been done in terms of Apple's (and developers') perception of the Google API.


That's the Javascript Maps API, first, and it only applies if you don't have an enterprise agreement anyways. You don't think Apple had a contract for mapping data independent of Google's pricing of their web API?

(for developers, AFAIK there has been no cost for using Map Kit in iOS or a MapView in Android)


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