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SEEKING FREELANCER – Palo Alto , CA or Austin, TX (remote possible)

Apigee is looking for an experienced iOS developer to create, write, document, and implement SDKs in Objective C


* Own an entire implementation process from design to release incorporating feedback from a range of stakeholders (designers, marketing, business development, and support).

* Rapidly create prototypes, use feedback and develop a production quality release candidate.

* Assisting other developers working on your projects (delegating tasks, reviewing code, setting schedules, etc.)

* Write blog posts to communicate platform updates to the developer community and evangelize the SDKs and sample apps you build.


* Strong C++/Objective C experience. You need to be able to write APIs and similar code.

* Understanding of Cocoa programing methodologies and memory management and their restrictions on iOS4/iOS5 and familiar with new features added in iOS6.

* Deeper understanding of core network, logging, telephony, location and security framework with ability to extend some of the core functionalities

* Expert in using XCode and its debugger.

* Familiar with 3rd party iOS libraries and able to extend those libraries.

* Experience with one of following: Sencha, PhoneGap, * Appcelerator, jQuery mobile


* Android experience

* Git and Github experience

* Experience with or led a community based Open Source project

* Has built SDK on some platforms.

Contact tim@apigee.com for more details or if you want to apply.

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