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AppFog is actually free for 2GB of RAM....

Thanks for letting me know! I got the impression hosting would become a paid service from this paragraph in the announcement email:

"As part of the AppFog family, Nodester users will now be able to use the same PaaS for their Ruby and Java apps that they use for their Node apps. It brings the serious support and operational excellence of AppFog to our users, enabling them to run production and enterprise workloads on their developer PaaS. Perhaps most significant of all - it allows Nodester users to deploy apps to a wide range of different IaaS providers - at a highly competitive price" (emphasis is mine).

You pay if you go over 2GB usage. If your apps only use a single instance and <64mb RAM, you could have 32 apps before paying.

Exactly and that's plenty of sandbox to play around in. I have a few apps set up with them right now, nowhere near my limit.

AppFog has a ton of options, and their setup is super easy. Deploying apps is as simple as doing a git push and the service is super fast. I am a total fanboy.

Is this a social media expert consultant robo-comment? Coz i read it in "the Fred" voice, and it sounded "right".

I'm not a robot, or a social media expert consultant, whatever that is.

Awesome news! This actually cements my choice of nodester for now :)

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