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Ask HN: What are your side projects?
35 points by hahla on Aug 26, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 43 comments

I just launched my first web app/side project/potential startup today called PillHQ(http://www.pillhq.com). It helps people remember to take their medications.

I made a small and simple web app to complement wikitravel.org - http://www.picitravel.com. Motivation for this site was that I wanted to use it as a complementary tool for wikitravel.org site. Wikitravel has tons of useful data but not too many good pictures. My site would get the best pictures from Flickr and display it in a meaningful fashion. This would allow you to view all the pics from a destination in one page rather than googling for individual place. I am still working on making the site faster and adding more features.

http://comparerc.com - Search Engine for the Remote Controlled hobby (quadrocopters, helicopters, planes, fpv, etc).

It's been a lot of fun because I get to play with ElasticSearch and responsive JS UIs. Still a long way to go before it is really useful - particularly categorical browsing and parametric serach.

I've also writing a weekly "In the Trenches" journal about the project: http://euphonious-intuition.com/category/comparerc/

I'm curious why this was downvoted...the OP asked for side projects so I posted mine. Did I miss something here?

http://wshoppr.com/about - Window Shopper: It's a chrome extension that lets you save products you like by simply dragging and dropping the product image to a bar that pops up when you start dragging. It's a shopping bag for the entire internet. So far the people that have used it love the way the dragging works unlike the traditional bookmarklet approach. I built it with a good friend and great UX designer @jesseddy.

I made a little development tool for Chrome that does live reload and lets you save directly from the devtools. http://tin.cr

Aardwolf MUD, has been my side project since 1996 and not stopping any time soon. http://www.aardwolf.com

Hey! I spent lots of time there the few years around 2000. Have you finally rewrote it in Java yet? :)

Java couldn't keep up as we grew. It was rewritten and finally finished in 2007, the main core is still pure 'C' with the rest in Lua. Using Lua was probably the best single decision we ever made in terms of flexibility and what we've been able to do with mob AI. Still going strong, drop by some time, or join the FB Page...

https://forgetfail.com - I had some clients request database backups. So I built a service for it.

Just a suggestion - You may want to change You're to Your in the line - "Don't fail to forget to back up you're databases."

Actually, that's true but you need to change this to "Don't fail to remember to backup your databases" or something similar, right now you're telling me to make sure to forget it. :)

http://brightswipe.com - Brightswipe: It's a fast, open-source, and better looking version of the Pirate Bay, with more features coming soon (SSL, connect to swarm and get new torrents, node-to-node communication, etc). The design right now is godawful (since I designed it) but we have a new design coming out in a few days. It'll be gorgeous.

1. Speed up Twitter reading http://nimblegecko.com

2. Automated transactions export from my bank(s) https://github.com/ArtS/nab-export https://github.com/ArtS/28degrees-export (adding YNAB support at the moment)

I'm developing an OpenPGP keyserver in Golang. http://launchpad.net/hockeypuck

http://status2k.com - Server dashboard script.

https://www.strongcoin.com - Bitcoin e-wallet.

https://www.bitcoinary.com - Bitcoin market place.

http://servermonitoringhq.com - Server monitoring.

Will soon be launching site with information on products releasing in the future and to gauge level of anticipation of people. http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=4379664 Wish you the best of luck with your app! http://www.hypejar.com

http://beta.minecraftsaver.com/ - Backup/displays for Minecraft worlds

http://steamxl.com - Chrome extension, coming along slowly, but haven't spent too much time on it. Still learned a lot from it.

http://localbeer.me - find locally brewed beer (only has partial data right now, don't panic if it doesn't find any beer near you).

This has basically been my playground for cool things - geolocation, facebook actions, rich snippets and more.

http://icecoder.net/ open source web based IDE

http://NeedNumbers.me - a weekend project I did before school starts. It solves one simple problem of having to manually type in names and numbers after you asked for contacts on Facebook.

http://easyretirementplanning.ca - Not only is this a side project, it's also my first foray into web development! (I am a chemical engineer).

I created a web design tool and micro-webhost that allows you to create websites using just your browser. https://www.taigen.us/demo

I just launched my week-end side project called Chatsoul.com. A chat application powered by Websync Comet Server: http://chatsoul.com

I'm working on https://github.com/wazari972/WebAlbums3/ , a website + FUSE-based Filesystem to organize photos

I'm working on http://twitcherhq.com - social media analytics and monitoring for startups and small businesses.

I'm working on Crowd - It's a music service that offers free music streaming powered by Youtube - http://crowd.im

http://heynico.com is a tiny UI design agency focused on startups, mobile and landinge pages design.

We just launched an ebook on this very topic:


37 side projects, many of which are from Hacker News.

I am working on a real estate listings management platform. http://www.realtywarp.com

what a great idea! I've been working on a place where potential landlords and renters could connect, as using craigslist is just a hellish experience: http://github.com/griffindy/Rently. is this just for landlords?

Thank you for the comment. It is for real estate agents, landlords, and property management companies.

a friend of mine cofounded a project that sounds similar. www.rentobo.com

Looks well polished.

http://toutday.com - Simpler iPhone mood tracking. My first real iOS app.

I just started my first side project a few weeks ago:

http://www.social-permissions.com - Unified way to manage the privacy and permssion settings of social sites!

It was quite interesting to learn how to develop plugins for Firefox, Chrome & Safari using HTML & JS

http://www.nowiam.at - HTML5 Based Location Sharing

A proof of concept how good the HTML5 geolocation feature works among different browsers

http://widgetthemes.be/ - premium jQuery UI themes that don't suck.

http://www.heystartup.com - online pitching platform

A venture capital lecture series for my campus:


I'm making an Internet protocol for sending money. It is like SMTP for payments.

Share What You Make - http://swym.me

publishing platform for coders/builders: http://ruhoh.com

Damn, this is so cool! I love it. I think I'm going to switch from Wordpress, actually.

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