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Hacker Dojo auctions its members to raise funds (hackerdojo.com)
83 points by bluehat 1813 days ago | hide | past | web | 29 comments | favorite

If you're building a tech business in SV, and you have been around for less than 5 years, you really need to bid on this guy:


David Weekly is one of the smartest, best-connected guys in the Valley. He isn't a money-grubbing asshole, or a shameless self-promoter, so most of the New SV Crowd probably has no clue who he is, or that he "matters." The rich New Guard of SV knew / hung out with David Weekly back when they were the broke New Kids. Spending what is currently $41 to get time with him is a serious bargain.

Oh yeah, and he pretty much started the whole Hacker Dojo thing, the whole hackathon thing, etc. He's seriously just too much of a good, nice guy to put himself out there like that, though. So there, I did it for him!


Side note, I've had Marie's cakes before, and they are pretty fucking amazing. I previously didn't think I liked poppy seeds on a bagel much less a cake.


These cakes are rumored to cure cancer but the FDA is hesitant to prescribe them because in clinical trials some patients had the side effect of having their heads blow up due to an overloead of awesomeness.

Holy balls, @FAKEGRIMLOCK has joined the party...


I love Hacker Dojo. I can't say I've visited any other hacker spaces, so I don't really have anything to compare it to, but the community is so friendly, inclusive, and inspirational. It's an example of silicon valley at it's best. I really hope they can raise the money that they need.

I saw Katy's talk at DefCon and it was EPIC! Having the chance to have her come talk about Robotics is pretty sweet.

Katy's talk at DC20 has single-handedly rekindled my interest in robotics, Hacker Dojo, and vodka. Not necessarily in that order. She seems like a wicked awesome person, and given where she's worked before, she's obviously smart as hell...

Some links:

DEFCON 20: Robots: You're Doing It Wrong (waiting for better quality)


Defcon 19: Katy Levinson - Don't Fix It In Software


This is great. Just need to figure out who to bid for now. Good luck guys.

"Mmm Mmm Sexy Times"

They made it pretty easy for me to pick.

Gotta catch 'em all!

So I went to the link in the reply above that goes directly to goodwillion and I have no idea what the winning bidder gets? Frustrating...

each auction has a different prize, there are many auctions

Every time I want to go to an event at hacker dojo it seems like it gets canceled.

Can I just go there and ... hang out?

The point of this fundraiser is to make sure we can hold more events! After we pass code w/the City we will be able to hold events with more than 49 people and use the full 13,000+ square feet we're currently renting. Soon, my young Jedi, you will see the power of a fully operational...Dojo.

Absolutely! Bummer the events got cancelled :(

So what's the deal with WebCL? I can't write code with it yet?

yeah a lot of our big events have been canceled due to the city :/

Friday at 7 is a good time to come, we all drink.

Due to the city? Can you explain that?

Short version is the video at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/384590180/an-events-spac...

The city of Mountain View has shut down more than half of Hacker Dojo, stopped all classes/events/conferences of more than 49 people, and is still threatening to shut the rest down unless the Hacker Dojo does about $250,000 in upgrades and fees to the city. Their concerns are primarily zoning, permitting, and ADA.

Almost everything that isn't raising the money to keep the space open has sadly been put on the back burner for the last 6-ish months so we can keep the city from shutting us down.

It would be useful if you listed the permits/regulations that you are violating, and why/how. I keep seeing "the city is shutting us down!" but that is not informative. What specifically are the issues?

You would probably get more donors with full and complete information.

For sure you can go and just hang out. The website says something like a $10 optional donation. The first time I went they acted like I was the only person who had ever given it tho lol

Bring your laptop, great place to kick it. If you like it, $100 a month for 24/7 access is one of the best deals I've come across.

@dweekly great idea. But I believe a raffle/lottery style format where you pay a 5$ per ticket up to 10tickets could be more benefitial. Maybe next time?

Do you know any software that does this? We don't have a of bandwidth to burn developing more software.

Fair point. Sorry no.

Maybe the guys of indiegogo know somebody who can supply this.

If you do any research on this topic, please keep me up to date with your results. I am crazy interested to hear what you find.

Who is the chick named "talk nerdy to me"..?

My real name is Laura and during the day I'm a graphics software engineer.

Go Hacker Dojo!

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