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Unimpressive. $2,000/yr really isn't much, given the current cost of education. What they should do is offer full reimbursement for STEM training to employees who qualify. Now that would make me consider working for Amazon.

This only confirms my opinion of Amazon as a company that likes to be stingy with salaries and benefits.

It's $2000/yr bonus for minimum wage warehouse employees, not spoiled engineers.

Problem: this program isn't for spoiled engineers. Another problem for your non-argument: I'm a former Amazon warehouse associate. Even for warehouse employees, it's not a good deal. Have you read the Amazon warehouse employee blog posts here on HN recently? Education costs the same whether you're an "engineer" or a warehouse worker. As another high-karma commenter (e.g., not you) said about this same subject in another thread:

--most people working in Amazon warehouses are employed by temporary staffing firms, not Amazon

--most people working in Amazon warehouses don't come anywhere near 3 years of tenure before quitting or being fired

--reimbursement is limited to $2,000/year for four years, while $5,000/year is pretty much the minimum direct cost to take such programs

--the program is limited to full-time workers, so only those who can take classes while working full-time and mandatory-or-you-get-fired overtime can partake

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