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Sleep under my kitchen table at Inauguration (airbedandbreakfast.com)
14 points by brianchesky on Jan 9, 2009 | hide | past | favorite | 10 comments

They forgot that someone can sleep in the bathtub too.

Reminds me of this craig's list ad:


I've always thought these kinds of sites are interesting. I would be afraid of getting hacked into a thousand pieces and thrown in a dumpster...

You know, I'm not a big fan of Facebook, but this site should use it for vetting. You don't know much from a name, picture, and some attributes, but in all honesty I'd be more inclined to trust someone (at least to not be a psycho killer) after looking at their drunk pictures and wall posts than anything any central authority could issue.

Life is more interesting when you don't assume that strangers showing kindness are going to hack you into pieces and throw you into a dumpster. Always take candy from strangers. And smile.

Agreed, I actually live in downtown DC and I'm going out of town for inauguration... but I'd like to come home and find the TV is still there.

Word is that demand has actually relatively low for the "sleep on my couch" type offers: http://thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/01/08/washington-ren...

Though, that said, I've heard that people are getting hotels in Fredrick, MD or even Philly for inauguration. That's just nuts.

Well, those houses being rented out seem to be in the range of ~$3000/week. That's what's nuts. There would be more people going that route if that price wasn't so high.

The blog article that mentions this listing is worth reading as well:


Nevermind, looks like its fixed now?

For a second there I thought it was just a 1-pager :)

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