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It really demonstrates (imho) the technical lag of companies: During the week people are browsing at work and it looks like many are still shackled to IE. But on the weekend they go home and use what they want, and that is clearly chrome. Kind of amazing to visualize at this granularity what pops out.

Yeah, exactly. Check this "visual proof that employees are still required to use Internet Explorer at work" post I did a while back:


It might also be that on weekends there are fewer internet users in general, but with a higher percentage of the more technically aware ones...

I think that both of these (plus a number of effects yet unnamed) affect it.

One of his links, the by version: http://gs.statcounter.com/#browser_version_partially_combine...

Has some interesting information that I think sheds more light on this:

IE8 and IE7 both have weekend dips. (IE6's usage is too small to matter anymore). (IE8 dips almost 25% of it's total, IE7 significantly dips almost 50% but it's already a tiny amount).

However, Chrome, IE9, Safari iPad all have weekend peaks. Even Safari itself has an almost unnoticeable uptick on the weekend.

This leads me to believe that almost 4% of all internet users use IE7/8 at work and use to Chrome/IE9/iPad on the weekend.

This is exactly right. Many of the largest companies simply don't want to handle the almost impossible workload on getting everyone onto a new browser.

In some ways it would be more fair to blame Fortune 500 companies than MS for the IE tie in.

If even the State Department is moving to Chrome, there is hope yet.

>But on the weekend they go home and use what they want, and that is clearly chrome

At least some of that traffic comes from preinstalled OEM copies, which Google pays the OEMs for having Chrome preinstalled as the default browser.

Also, it comes bundled with things like Java, Acrobat Reader,CCleaner, Divx Player, RealPlayer, Avast and Flash etc., so if people just click next, which most tend to do, they end up with Chrome on their machine. I think it used to come with Skype before Microsoft bought it.





Not to mention heavily pushing Chrome on Google properties like the search page, Youtube, Gmail etc. etc.

Google chat once hung in my Gmail tab in Opera, and when I reloaded it I got the message which said something like "Slow browser? Switch to Chrome.."

So Google's effectively buying marketshare with their search profits to cut out the middlemen like Firefox and Opera. Browsers like Firefox, Opera do not have the resources to push their browser this way and get people to try them.

I didn't realize Chrome was being preloaded by OEMs. It's nice to see that OEMs are actually using their freedom to customize Windows installs to do something socially valuable for a change.

Don't forget Microsoft actually show a browser choice screen when you install windows now. OEMs usually disable that and force a browser on you which doesn't make them good people.

Personally, I'm not sure the term 'socially valuable' applies here as you're giving over your details to a nagware tracking and advertising company at heart. If it was Firefox, I'd agree.

I'm happier to use IE over Chrome as Microsoft have features like tracking protection lists built in and a tough stance on tracking.

I'm happier to use Firefox over both though.

You're right. Those Google guys are shifty folks. They should be more like the paragons of excellent product development and non-monopolistic business practices like the good guys at Microsoft.

Holy false dichotomy batman. Just because one company is abusive doesn't mean that you need to cheerlead another abusive company. Google is hurting Firefox and Opera by their actions too.

How exactly is Google hurting Firefox? Is it just by taking away browser share?

Because last time I checked Google provides the majority of Firefox's revenue. (Though last time I checked was like 5 years ago, so that may have changed in the interim)

> Google is hurting Firefox

...By giving Mozilla $300MM a year?

Don't equate a business marketing/advertising decision maximizing Google profits with philanthropy.

Then it sounds like Mozilla is hurting themselves by relying on cash flow from their competitors.

Mozilla doesn't compete with Google on search. (Regardless of that, your statement is quite the non-sequitur, because Mozilla optimizing their income isn't "hurting themselves")

Dude, have you ever considered doing anything other than cheerleading MS and hating on Google. I have never seen a single post by you on here or Slashdot that was not either defending MS or being negative towards Google in some way. How pathetic.

I am sorry, I didn't know I was supposed to cheerlead Google and Apple and hate on Microsoft on here like the hundreds of other commenters. I am sure HN needs more of them.

Is there some place where this policy is listed on HN(apart from being obvious in the "pathetic" moderation, story selection and flagging) so that I and the few others who don't share your Google and Apple worship can pack up and leave once for all and not subject you to the horrors of alternate opinions or facts that you seem to find very uncomfortable and pathetic? Or maybe I'll just do what you tell me to and go away, and you can worship your Gods in peace without heretics getting your way.

I like how the many commenters that only submit comments and stories that are heavily anti-MS and pro-Google/Apple are not pathetic but I am. I am sure you find them awesome.

Hey man the argument you seem to be a part of here (both sides) seems really dualistic and considering how poorly concepts and events in real life fit binary interpretations, I think you could reduce your stress by taking a broader approach.

Book I loved on the subject: http://www.amazon.com/Language-Thought-Action-Fifth-Edition/...

Have you considered anything other than cheerleading Google and Android and hating on Apple/MS? And I like how you attack him personally and call him pathetic because you have no answer to his post and thus want to wish it away. How pathetic.

You're One To Talk Being Worse Than RecoiledSnake.you Are Probably One Of The Most Obnoxious Google Haters On This Site. Also I Just Looked Through Tysons Post History And He Is In No Way A Google Cheerleader Or Microsoft Hater. Consider Growing Up.

P.s. Ignore My Capital Letters. Jellybean doesn't work well with Swype yet.

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