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Officers and directors: Ferdinand E. Megerlin Ph.D. > Chairman of the Board

Allen J. Carlson > President, Chief Executive Officer, Director

Tricia L. Fulton > Chief Financial Officer

Jeffrey Cooper > Officer

Peter G. Robson > General Manager of Sun Hydraulics Limited


I guess they don't have many titles.

Their employment page also lists jobs titles that they are hiring for:

CNC Machinist / Senior Product Design / Outside Sales Engineer

Clearly they have titles. Perhaps the vagueness of the article is actually indicative of it not being very accurate or telling the whole story.

My first instinct was also to verify the "no titles," thing at the employment page.

Thanks for the diligence guys. I pinged the original author of the article. He says:


"They do have the handful of titles required as a public company... CEO, CFO, and the like. As of last January when we visited, that was it. Presumably they also have to "title" job postings so people know roughly what skills they're asking for!"

But aren't these simply reporting requirements for a public company?

I didn't think of that!

But it appears not to be true; Royalty Trusts (e.g. http://finance.google.com/finance?q=pbt) list very few executive officers.


And here's a non-Royalty Trust with fewer executive offices than Sun Hydraulics:


But it does seem that they have fewer executives than any operating company of a similar size.

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