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This might not be entirely spot-on, but: I think that it's useful to have somebody who's ranting that much about the Ruby team, even if it's not entirely relevant. I mean, he's spent a lot of time actually talking about Ruby (see: his legendary rant), so it's not like he doesn't occasionally to get technical, but at the same time Ruby has a reputation for being very kind and friendly and wonderful, and while some Ruby people are truly wonderful (_why is incredible), it's not some mystical haven for coders, and a lot of the developers whose blogs I read seem to really make it out to be one, and that means that certain large chunks of people conform to each others' thought processes, and that's harmful. Active venting, even when it's not spot-on, encourages people not to entirely conform.

If you haven't read his lengthy rant on Ruby and the community, do it immediately, because I think that having context on Zed makes his writing a bit more worth reading.

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