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Ask HN: What web services do you pay for?
9 points by SoftwareMaven 1987 days ago | hide | past | web | 12 comments | favorite
I'm doing some research to see what kinds of services people are willing to pay for and what about the service convinced you it was worth paying for. Links to said services appreciated.

Fogbugz, several VPS's (prgmr), Dropbox, Spam Filtering, Oreilly Safari, Lynda.com Should be obvious but they're all required to do my job, the last two are more reference/learning. These are services I couldn't do my job without, that's what convinced me to pay for them. If you had to pay for Google Analytics I would.

Personally: Netflix, WoW, Audible, Last.fm (I live in Canada) simply because they are the _best_ (legal) source of entertainment (in my opinion) in their category.

http://crashplan.com - Easy unlimited backup. For all those things that don't fit in my dropbox folder. Also, it's the only service I found that had few bad reviews (unlike Mozy).

http://linode.com - Good and reliable VPS.

Does it count if you only need to pay once for the service? If yes:

http://pinboard.in - The cleanest bookmarking service around.

Spotify, DNSimple, AWS, SendGrid

I would really like to pay for Github, but the private repo limitations are holding me back. I'd much rather pay $10-20/mo for unlimited private repos if it meant each collaborator also had to be on the same $10-20/mo plan. For now, my private projects are hosted for free at Bitbucket.

Grooveshark, AWS (S3, EC2), Github, Linode, pgrmr, slicehost (I have a lot of pet projects,) Netflix, Dropbox, Hulu Plus.

Google apps for business for the possibility of gmail support, Amazon web services, Amazon Prime, Netflix

Im in Europe: OVerplay.net ( VPN ) Spotify Ovh kimsufi x 2 ( vps ) Bufferapp

Just Rdio at the moment.

Netflix, Carbonite

Audible, Rdio

skype, rightsignature

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