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Ask HN:Landing page feedback
4 points by Edmond 1987 days ago | hide | past | web | 15 comments | favorite

Is it too busy? Does it convey a clear message? Does it make you want to try it out?

Yep, it's too busy. There's too little contrast, too much positioning/layout inconsistency.

Take a look at this infographic for some tips: http://blog.kissmetrics.com/landing-page-design-infographic/...

And maybe look at some of the landing pages featured on this blog post: http://unbounce.com/landing-page-examples/built-using-unboun...

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Thanks for that kiss metrics link...I am going to take a jib at rearranging things.

I think you'd see immediate improvements doing the following;

- Changing the font from (what I think is) Arial bold to pretty much anything else. A lot of nice web fonts out there nowadays.

- Using simpler visual codes for text: every letter of 'APPs' doesn't have to be a different color and bigger font sized. The MSN messenger icon right in the middle of text is another example of complicated visual code - you could mention in a more appropriate place with text only.

- Decreasing the amount of text and try to explain 'why' I need this.

- It fits my screen, but it could be large for others. Having a vertical layout where you have the text at the top and screenshot(s) at the bottom might free up the cluttered feeling.

- The vertical setup will help with the currently 'floating in space' feeling of some elements, like Supported browsers. I know they are aligned, but they feel isolated and floating.

- A couple of more screenshots of what 'this is' with their relevant explanations. I wanted to see more to understand more.

- More streamlined buttons for Try It, Login and "I want Appynote..." Login and Try it should be the main buttons here, but with its size, "I want Appynote..." steals all the attention.

I hope these help.

I agree with your point about the prominence of the "I want APPYnote..." button.

My problem is that I am trying to appeal to both individual users and people who may want the software for an organization-wide deployment.

I know there are a lot cool fonts out there especially the Google fonts, but I am not really a designer, I do have my own taste which probably isn't the same for most people.

I choose the Arial font because I saw it used on Fogcreek software's page. Maybe I should hire a designer:)

Anyway I really appreciate the feedback and would definitely incorporate it into further improvements.

I have to admit, when the page loaded it did make me go 'whoa!'. It's like all of your sentences are vying for my attention simultaneously! :)

The bullet point text is almost the same size as your header text. That can be scaled down. A different font might also help the flow of the page more.

The gradient on the words APPS and NOTES doesn't really work.

I would try to include a higher res screen shot too as I was getting closer to the screen to see what it was you were showing me.

Also the Y and N in the logo being grey on the patterned background make it a bit hard to read. I'd say the name needs to be very distinct and clear.

I was a bit reluctant to hit the Try It button as I wasn't sure of the benefits of the app and I didn't know if it was paid, free etc.

I probably would have clicked through to a page showing more screenshots. A demo video would probably get people trying it too!

Hope that helps!

Thank you!!

I couldn't tell if the "It's like all of your sentences are vying for my attention simultaneously" is a good or bad thing:)

Do you mean it was hard to follow from one sentence to the next? Or was the bulleted list effective in grabbing your attention?

I really appreciate these feedbacks guys:)

I think with the headers and bullet points being the same size it was hard to tell what to read first.

Like 5 people talking to you at once, each saying I'm important - listen to me! :D

You need to guide the user through the flow of information and font size plays a big part in that.

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Be warned, I have a highly idiosyncratic point of view that lots of people don't agree with.

However ...

It tells me what it does, it doesn't tell me what problem it solves. I don't want to try to map your features to my problems, I want to see that you know what problems are, and that your app fixes them.

It also doesn't fit on my screen.

I used some dynamic pixel calculations to size things which is probably why it doesn't fit on your screen...Can you tell me your screen specs?

About solving problems: I thought the tag line saying your APPs and your notes together, conveys the fact that students want a single point of access for all their work, both content and APPs.


  > I thought the tag line saying your APPs and your notes
  > together, conveys the fact that students want a single
  > point of access for all their work, ...
That's you telling me your solution to what you think my problem is, it's not stating clearly what my problem is. There's a difference. To most people I expect the difference is negligible or irrelevant, but to me it's telling me what you're going to do, and making me work out how what you do can solve some problem you think I have, but haven't articulated.

It's a point of view - you could consider it, then ignore it.

Or you could say:

    "With notes and APPs spread everywhere, APPynote
     can provide a single port of call to get them
Or something.

Point taken...I would add that to my improvement Todo list...Thanks again for the feedback, really appreciate it.

You're welcome, but I meant what I said about my opinion being unusual. You need to do some A/B testing.

Best advice: buy a pre-built theme on http://www.woothemes.com/ or http://themeforest.net/ or etc.

thanks for the links, I often try to use existing themes, unfortunately they never quite deliver exactly what I want and I find myself having to modify them...

New & Improved: http://www.appynote.com


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