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Python Anywhere. Share Python/Bash/SQL console instances. (pythonanywhere.com)
79 points by ziziyO on April 22, 2012 | hide | past | favorite | 28 comments

Together with Python e-learning courses this could be a real winner. I say this because back when I tutored compsci students, my most effective method was to use shared (GNU) screen sessions. The pair programming and the ability to see how others worked helped students become confident with Python a lot faster.

Unfortunately back then, students tended to use Windows and setting up Cygwin scared a lot of them before they even got around to doing any programming. A tool like Python Anywhere would definitely be a far more attractive approach if I were to do something similar today.

Yes it is definitely something that people are already using PythonAnywhere for. Especially introductory Python classes. Setting up everyone's machines can take hours. If they manage it at all.

Have you considered installing Enthought free edition ? It has in a single package: Python, Numpy, Scipy, IPython, and you can install it on Linux, Windows and Mac.

Sorry to contact you this way, you have no email address in profile:

http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3882489 is misleadingly titled.

"Mac OS X 10.8 restricted to App Store, signed apps by default"

Says an App has to be released via the Appstore and signed to be installable under the default settings. This is not true. An app needs to be Signed OR in the Appstore to be installable by default.

Can you please edit your post title to include the word OR or a "/" between the two mechanisms?

Unfortunately I can't edit the title anymore (really sorry about that), HN let's you modify a post for a limited amount of time, after which the title (and the possibility to delete a post) is frozen.

As a side note, the title is the non edited title of the linked article, I didn't wrote this article ...

What is with these people trying to have startups everywhere with IDEs on the web?!

I'll have everything local, thank you.

OK that link totally didn't do what I thought it would. Anyways, what I meant to say was: see Tycho's post below - sometimes you're at a PC which doesn't have Python installed.

So it doesn't have to be a replacement for your desktop, although it can be. It can also just be a complement - if you use dropbox or github, then you can know that, no matter where you are, you can always get to your code and work on it... internet cafe in Thailand, friend's PC, locked-down-corporate-desktop...

These IDE on the cloud bring no value to me besides not having my tools around, or not having access to them due to possible network failures.

Not to mention the possible issues with data security.

The interesting thing about pythonanywhere, to me, is the integration with managed hosting.

I'll take tmux and vim over ssh please.

Any chance for adding Jython?

Edit: Apparently there are some bugs with the Dropbox snyc. When trying to open a .txt file (in the same shared Dropbox dir) I always get an IOError...

output=open("proj4-suc.txt","r") IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'proj4-suc.txt' (but it is shown in the file explorer too..)

Hey, if you drop us a note via "send feedback" or make a post in our forums we can help...

Just did that via "send feedback".

Many thanks, apart from that i didnt find any bugs so far and everything works as on my local machine via the Dropbox integration!

That is pretty cool. It reminds me on Cloud9 IDE http://c9.io/. But I guess Python Anywhere is a better fit for Python developers. And you guys are beating Cloud9 with the price. I like that :-) I am not a Python developer, but I will send the link to my Python friends. Good luck with that.

I would love you guys to uninstall some common libraries like Django and let the users decide what kind of version that would fit. Except from that it is very cool! Would love to hear more about how this is implemented technically.

You can install modules locally, using pip install --user, and then I gather that the right combination of virtualenv hacks in your WSGI file will let you choose the django version... Will try and get that documented somewhere.

Do they seriously not have SSL support for their own login page?

I really cannot bring myself to put in a password to a non-encrypted web page, let alone trust them to protect my files.

Is there an ETA on this?

We're definitely keen to get it in asap. The hang-up was getting secure websockets working - that was showing up a bunch of socket errors server-side, but the latest dev testing seems to show things are looking better, so we hope to get it in real soon. weeks not months...

Just to say that HTTPS is now live across the site, and active on all pages...

Nice. Now I can use Python at work (where the computers and servers are otherwise locked down).

This website crashes my browsers (Omniweb and Safari, any webkit-based browser?)

hey, will you drop us a note via "send feedback" and we'll see if we can debug this?

Hopefully a DB backend other then MySQL will be added in the near future.

Lots of people have asked for Postgres, so I can +1 that on our tracker for you... Any other DB you'd like?

My votes would be for Redis and MongoDB.

I assume SQLite is available via Python?


thanks for the post, ziziyO!

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