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I'll have to find some time to settle down in a deep leather chair with my smoking jacket and a snifter of brandy for a fine evening of reading through someone else's code.

Sounds like fun!

I really hope the YC comment section doesn't become the reddit.

My apologies. Jeff Atwood made me a guest blogger without asking me first, then added some boilerplate that I didn't agree with. I'd have given him permission, had he asked, and I appreciate the inbound traffic, so I didn't complain. However, this seemed like the perfect opportunity for some humor while clarifying my position :-)

Love it!

Oh, how history repeats itself..


So many down votes? I liked the reference to the recent item "Learn to read the source, Luke"[1] quite a lot!

[1]: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3849203

I think the reason you were downvoted was that your comment didn't really say anything unique- it just agreed with the parent.

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