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I don't know what exactly you are doing but it seems like you don't understand what pricenomics are doing. They tell you how much your stuff is worth if you are trying to sell it. It is not a social shopping site.

I think I understand what pricenomics does, which you can find similar information (actually more transparent and detailed) on Bizspeaking -- http://bizspeaking.com/item/c2145006f10a4b06ba71856e49e06e02 , then on top of that, Bizspeaking does a whole lot more. (The site is a bit slow now, there seems to be some Redis issue that I'm trying to resolve).

The whole lot more is sometimes the problem. Pricenomics does one thing well.

On your site, the main call to action is to post something I've bought. Why would I want to do that? I also couldn't actually figure out how to search for an item (I entered "Macbook Pro" into the filter but didn't find what I was looking for.)

Thank you for your valuable feedback, the search is actually at the top right corner, which I thought is the web convention, but will make it more prominent now. And you are right that the full-text search requires more tweaking.

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