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Choosing a new python based blog engine (pydanny.com)
15 points by pydanny on April 5, 2012 | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

There's actually a slew of Python blogging engines out there. I was using Blogofile myself, until I decided to write my own out of desire to use Jinja2 and to have more flexibility. It's available here: http://github.com/bow/volt

It's still pretty new, I haven't got around to writing a proper documentation. But if you're curious, you can try the latest development version :).

If like me you're after fine-grained control on the features, you might be interested by using Flask and Flask-Frozen to build your own static blog/website generator https://nicolas.perriault.net/code/2012/dead-easy-yet-powerf...

I made Cactus as a simple Jekyll Python/Django alternative. Using it for a blog is fairly easy, but I didn't get around to making an example for it yet: https://github.com/koenbok/Cactus

Anyone else have thoughts on the various Python blogging options? I've been shopping for one lately myself. Leaning toward Pelican (Pydanny's choice, and Kenneth Reitz's as well), but willing to entertain other options.

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