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What dmix said. Why are you using a throwaway account?

A co-founder relationship is very important, and my willingness to join you on this venture has less to do with your idea and more to do with you. Specifically:

- Who are you, and what have you done?

- What is your professional and personal experience, and what does it bring to the table in a general sense of running a startup, and in a specific sense, this idea of yours.

- Why you? I need to be able to trust my co-founder pretty much absolutely and unquestionably. What is your character and who can vouch for it?

Funnily enough, your idea and the fact that you have a prototype is a fairly minor signal compared to the above.

The irony is he's using a throwaway even though his identity is not concealed. If you visit the website address in the screenshots, click "help" and then take the name listed and google it you have a full profile on the guy...


It's kinda messed up that you guys outted this guy. Suppose he didn't want his employer to know?

K, I deleted the link to his profile page out of respect for his apparent intentions. If he was truly concerned about it though, he could edit out the name of the product and domain in the screenshots.

You must admit that the unusual nature of such an anonymous request makes it likely that people are going to dig into it, just for the sport of it.

Well....that may very well be the case, but many people will gloss over it and not see it. When I first looked at it, I didn't see it. I didn't even look at the images in fullscreen.

It wasn't until AFTER you guys posted this that I went back and looked at it.

Either way, he clearly went out of his way to be anonymous, so it should be in the HN ethos to respect those wishes.

It's a good point - I added some details under dmix's comment. Thanks!

It may be a throwaway because his employer doesn't yet know about this. I've had something I posted here (about maybe looking for a new job) come up at work. It actually led to a good conversation with my boss, but that isn't a preordained outcome.

Also, there's no possible way that amazon pays the same terms as normal customers, is there?

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