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Hardcore Maker's Schedule (42floors.com)
60 points by jaf12duke on Mar 23, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 12 comments

"Shit’s gotten real with 42Floors."

How do you start a blog post on your company's site with this sentence? Are you going out of your way to look unprofessional?

I appreciate your point. It's a good data point for me and I'll take it to heart.

I don't write press releases or hire PR consultants. I don't try to create a voice in my writing. I write exactly as I speak. This style is the same I used on humbledMBA.com for the past two years. I view my audience as entrepreneurs (both on humbledMBA and for 42Floors). There will certainly be some that don't like my style, but I've chosen to error on side of being myself. It may turn some off, but not being myself would get us nowhere.

With that said, if what I say inappropriately offends you or anyone else, I would take that quite seriously and use it as reason to reevaluate how I interact with people.

That depends on their brand, and who their customers are. I, for one, find it refreshing.

It's an unnecessary distraction. I'm not a fan of the overly saccharine approach to interacting w/ customer/clients but I don't think it's necessary to swear. I agree with your branding comment.

I also think swearing is a cheap ploy to make someone look "authentic" or "edgy".

I am looking to move my company's office and wanted a good way to search for places, so I went to 42Floors's site this morning. I found a couple of reasonable offices on the map, clicked on one, filled out their few things the site wanted, and then the page said "a representative will contact you shortly" and I had no further way to take any more actions to actually find or view any offices. Now it's 4:15pm on a Friday and they still haven't gotten to me, but I can just go to Craigslist or wherever and email people straight away and go look at offices with very little delay.

In short, I can't tell what value the site is supposed to offer (it certainly doesn't seem to be helping me find an office).

So I think they have bigger problems than the way they open their blog postings. I would say that shit isn't real enough yet...

Wow. That type of delay should absolutely never have happened. I personally apologize.

Can you ping me directly (jason at 42floors) and I'll both take care of it and look into why it happened immediately.

We do have a process where we check with the listing agent to make sure tours are still being taken (sometimes the market moves so fast that they list spaces that are available, when in fact a lease may be near closing). However, you still should have heard from us immediately.

Are you going out of your way to look sanctimonious?

No I'm not. I do not believe this is the best way to interact with customers. Down vote away if you think I am being sanctimonious.

Does he link to 42floors.com every single time he mentions 42floors? Is that a SEO thing, or what?

Oh nice,I didn't knew there was a term for heads-down company-building. Pushing out distractions is just a side-effect of reaching ambitious goals such as building product/business so you shouldn't apologize for it imo.

Guys, looks like all activities are free for both tenants and brokers. Any upcoming surprises in the future, when you will start money-making activities?

BTW, like your site design - very clean look.

Good luck!

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