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It'd be interesting if you could find a loophole. Maybe the tacos are technically free and it could be argued that flying them somewhere could be done as a hobby, and you're required to give a donation to a separate entity for the order to go through.

You have users pay for the taco and a rental of the toy helicopter which they "fly" to themselves (with taco) –– include a webcam on the copter and bam! Hobby/toy.

(I wish it were that easy... tacocopter clearly qualifies as something I absolutely never knew that I really really need right now)

Watching a taco make its way towards me in real-time as the UAV battles the wind and rain would be fabulous.

Heck, the for the first order or two, the taco may just be a bonus feature until the novelty of seeing my neighborhood/city from a new perspective, in real-time, wore off.

For awhile, people who did aerial photography with rado-controlled helicopters tried to use a loophole. The invoice would itemize that the only fee was for post-processing (photoshop) of the images. FAA ignored it until recently. Lately, they've been really cracking down on any commercial usage whatsoever. Even Utah Highway Patrol got in trouble with the FAA for flying without the proper authorizations.

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