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For me the pricing model is perfect for something like this. $2.99? thats right in my 'don't even think about it' impulse range. $5.99 for additional features? I'm already paying $2.99, its not much more AND I get more stuff. Bravo!

Only on HN can you get compliments on your pricing model. This is why I love this place :)

dude, i think taking pricing advice from most people on HN will put you in the poor house. i think you charged way too little. when it seems like a stupidly amazing bargain, it usually is!

i heard an axiom once re: pricing that you want customers to be begrudgingly, but willingly, paying you. that's when you know you're charging enough :)

either way - thanks!

I'd rather make people happy they found a good bargain and reward them for being early adopters than try and milk out every last cent out of this. So it's cheap on purpose for now, but I'll probably raise the price in one week or so.

Obviously a low price with thousands downloads is way better than a higher price with only hundreds of purchases. $2.99 * 5000 > $10 * 500 Time will tell but I'm pretty sure this is a good strategy.

From my personal e-book experience going from $.99 to $9.99 cut down sales by about 90% (so it was the same amount of revenue, but higher processing fees), and going to $49.99 only decreased sales by a further 33%-so $49.99 was massively more profitable! This was over thousands of e-books by the way, not any particular one.

<Insert standard "this may not apply to everyone but is an interesting datapoint" caveat here>

Same with me. I saw 2.99 and I thought, totally worth it and then I saw the version with the PSD at 5.99. Figured, might as well.

that was exactly my thought process, I've found technical ebooks < $10 are a pretty much instabuy as I know I'll be stuck on a train one day looking for something to read

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