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Please don't try to guess where the location permission chrome will be. Also, your site is completely useless if I don't want to give you permanent permission to access my location. You should let users enter a location or zip code if they don't want to give you live access to their exact location.

Also, it says "dl.dropbox.com" wants to track your physical location, this doesn't match the site's domain name.

I'm curious, but why are so many people against sharing their location through the browser? You already give up your OS, browser version, and IP address (which can give a rough location) just by visiting the website. I understand if someone personally has something against sharing their precise physical location, but I don't understand why it's an issue for so many people.

That's a huge difference. I keep feeling like there is this generation of very naive programmers out there. Yes, it's true, the IP address can be used to determine where you are on a mobile phone ... If you get a subpoena!

There's a big difference from "Sure, by using this phone, I know Homeland Security can find me" and "I guess I will let every website I visit know where I am; what the hell, privacy is a commodity!"

This attitude seems very strange to me. It is certainly in line with this "new way of thinking about privacy" but it has really nothing to do with reality.

I think he was referring to Geo-IP location (approximating your location based on your ip address). About 60-75% of the time it's accurate to the city - provided you're not using mobile broadband.

Of course there are a number of other ways to get higher resolution location without consent. An older but commonly known one is Samy's XSS exploit (http://www.samy.pl/mapxss/).

Um...because most people don't want to share their precise physical location just to get local movie times? Zip code is close enough for good enough results.

Agreed, the Arrow was pointing somewhere completely unrelated on my system. Best to redesign that rather than try to guess it.

good point, removed the arrow for now.

thanks for pointing this out - you can enter your zipcode now :)

good idea, will add it soon. thanks!

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