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I don't really agree with this, as usual. If you follow these directions, you might end up ok but you can definitely miss a lot of good people, and yes I'm aware of the meme about being happy to miss Knuth in order to avoid any blubs.

I also think it's not practical for a lot of companies. As well, I know around these parts it is almost sacrosanct that one should have a Github, possibly blog, etc but there are many great programmers that do not have such a portfolio. I mean, many of these programmers are very good, deeply technical, and work on quite serious things.

As far as #5, you will definitely miss out on people there. Many people with real talent actually have bills to pay and companies willing to pay them without some trial project. I understand the reasoning here, I mean, wouldn't it be great if we could go a step further and get someone to work for free for a year before we start paying them, just to make sure they are in it for the "long haul."

#6, I have no problems with; it's quite reasonable.

Honestly, I have followed Atwood for years, how many of these things would he actually pass, besides the thing about being very public? - no ad hominem, purely tangential.

I'd probably be at most risk of not passing the phone screen, depending on how anal the interviewer is (read: whether they are a hard-core C programmer type). E.g. particularly if they asked coding questions about pointers and so forth. I've always hated C, ever since I tried to learn it in high school back in 1986 or so. The big picture stuff about bits and bytes and data structures I think I'd do OK on.

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