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Ask HN: Best way to self-host your own tweets?
3 points by mg 8 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments
I don't like that my tweets are not available anymore to people who are not logged into Twitter. So I'm looking to build a solution to get my tweets and turn them into a static html version.

I requested my archive - let's see what is in there.

An alternative would be what comes out of the "Embed Tweet" function. It's a pretty sane text version of the tweet. With a bit of CSS styling, that might do. Would need some automation to pull them all. Maybe via a bookmarklet.

And then a bit of processing to create a nicely browseable html version.

Any existing solutions out there?



From there you just need to write some code to re-publish them. Ideally just post them up to Mastodon?

Create a Free Twitter API v2 app. Use that to POST your tweets (free API allows tweet creation). Now you can do whatever you want with this tweet since you are initiating from your own App. This will take care of all new tweets.

For existing tweets, you could get an archive or pay $100/Month to extract everything through API and then cancel the subscription.

You want to scrape your own tweets, is that it? If so, isn't preventing scraping what's driving Twitter's recent changes? Maybe you're too late?

As for scraping if it's possible, I'm sure there are others on HN who can answer that better than me.

I got an archive from Twitter and wrote a simple script to generate this: https://bhupalsapkota.com/tweets/

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