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A few scanning tips (scantips.com)
89 points by pablode 12 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments

Fun fact: at hp we use Epson scanners to capture print quality samples of our printed output. Shout out to our competition for making some really nice flatbed scanners. Epson also makes some great affordable manufacturing robots, which we use a buttload of, but they originally were a Seiko product.

When I worked at Dell Computer in the mid-2000's, I used a self-supplied Apple for day-to-day activities (logging support tickets, mostly).

By the end of my four years there, the entire tech support team was utilizing Apple Devices — no Dell/Microsoft machines, unless linux server — our office supported thousands of Dell Service Tags, and many staff asked for Macs themselves [which we mostly could not satisfy, company policy].

I still have nightmares of 00F0:0244 failure codes.

Thank You for the link. I will probably use the photography tips in a class I teach.

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