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Http://(Type any keyword here).jpg.to/random (jpg.to)
84 points by folkster 1920 days ago | hide | past | web | 41 comments | favorite

You can join the options using a "+" character. e.g. http://cat.jpg.to/r+l+gif is a random large cat gif image. options available:

"jpg" "gif" "png"

"face" "photo" "clipart" "lineart"

"black" "blue" "brown" "gray" "green" "orange" "pink" "purple" "red" "teal" "white" "yellow"

"huge" "xxl" "xxlarge" "xl" "xlarge" "l" "large" "m" "medium" "s" "small" "xs" "i" "icon"

"r" "random"

Made three requests following links in this thread, all three times request policy indicated off-site content.

Looks like a hot-link generator to me :(

http://lorempixel.com/ - does something very similar, but you can tell it the size of picture you're looking for and all the images are creative commons.


Interesting... the size option could be useful. lorempixel seems to be limited in terms of keywords to a certain pre-fixed set though.


Actually usable for placeholder images since it returns an actual picture, not an html page with an image tag.


Awesome. Now I can browse cheezburger without all of the popup spam.

Is there a documented list of all the parameters somewhere? How did you know about /random+large+gray?

Because I am the creator. :p Thanks for reminding me, I am adding the list to the about page now.

What's the license for these images?

Looks like it's a front end to Google Image Search, so use at your own risk.

Why is http://man.jpg.to creepy/NSFW?

As a note, the "safe" filter is completely off for these searches. Results may not be as intended. Consult a doctor for details.

    function jpgto(){
      local jptkeyword=$1;
      local jptpath=$2;
      curl -silent -F keyword=$jptkeyword -F file="@$jptpath" jpg.to/finish.php >> /dev/null;
      echo "http://jpg.to/$jptkeyword";

    [you@home]$ jpgto kittay /path/to/cat.jpg
jpgto bash function! Now with no error checking for worry free performance!! :p https://gist.github.com/1878588

EDIT: it outputs the vote link because we don't know if you have the top img for that tag.

I think it just gets the first image from google images with your given keyword. You can also get the second, third, etc by doing http://kittens2.jpg.to, http://kittens3.jpg.to

You can also do http://kittensgif.jpg.to. Queue http://headexplodegif.jpg.to

Potentially very useful. It would be even more useful if you could add width and height parameters. Assuming you are the creator of course.

IMDB is blocking image hotlinking, opening the img source works fine.

Well, if it's possible to upload own picture, perhaps it might make sense to cache images in the cloud, at least when hotlinking is disabled.

Is there an advantage to having the keyword in the subdomain rather than the query string?

Also - http://dinosaur.jpg.to/ doesn't work unfortunately. :(

That one works for me, but http://puppy.jpg.to/ doesn't work for me (brings up a broken image that is a link to http://www.myfreewallpapers.net/nature/pages/beagle-puppy.sh...). So it looks like the "proxy" nature of this service will lead to failure at times.

I think using the same technique as http://motyar.info/love/cats Which web API you are using? I am using Google Image search.

Google Image search too :)

Pretty fun!

For writing murder notes : http://jsfiddle.net/c8B5G/embedded/result/

Very cool! :) Can you filter the punctuation marks? It shows broken images for things like question marks and periods.

Unfortunately, escaped characters aren't allowed as subdomains so you'll have to hardcode them as a switch/ifelse chain which returns appropriate searches (eg . => "fullstop.jpg.to")..

Feel free to fork and do so though :)

Just curious: why are you importing so many fonts?

They would be useful when I further develop the site. Now I think I should just "comment" them away.

This is so awesome. Super simple idea but I'm already grinning like a maniac coming up with ideas of what to use it for

Well, I am impressed.


Hah, me too. Made me laugh... thx

ROFL this is awesome! Not sure why my buddy comes up when I type in my name though...

Click 'Go' w/o typing a keyword and you get an application error :(

This is cool, but I'd much prefer something with free-use licenses.

Obligatory try:




If a broken image is found, you can upload your own image to replace it :) http://jpg.to/upload.php

http://josh.jpg.to/ lol this is my friend

My face when reading the title: :|

My face when I tried http://kittens.jpg.to/ :D

My face when the next random stab yielded a http://bucketofkittens.jpg.to/ :O \o/ :O INTERNETS WOO :D

Sounds like you'd prefer {placekitten}: http://placekitten.com/


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