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Man, this space is filling up so fast. We're working on a similar product, we're funded and a little further along (shameless plug: http://www.revisu.com). When we started working on this, there was no one in this space. Now there are a ton of offerings!

I think you hit the nail on the head with regard to what designers need from version control. We bill ourselves as Dribbble + Github for creative teams exactly for the reasons you describe.

Friendly advice:

I would really like to find out what revisu does and how it works without signing up. An intro video would be ideal, or at least a much more detailed feature list and screenshot walk-through.

Thanks for the advice. We've been fortunate that we've had a huge user base to test with initially, so we haven't put very much work in to our public-facing stuff. More to come on this...

I agree with joemoon, and I also advise you to annouce what are the OS supported. So I didn't register.

It's a web app. Pretty OS agnostic.

Ah good to know, while it looks like a web app I didn't see any mention about it (did I miss it?) But then another question arises, that means I have to go there and upload the new version?

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