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"He then proposes a wholesale change to function semantics in the language."

He isn't proposing a change to how functions works at all. He is proposing the addition of blocks, which would not break any current functionality. And he isn't the one proposing it, he is endorsing Brendan Eich's proposal.

"This is nothing but a post glorifying Ruby and bashing JS for not being Ruby."

I don't think it is. He mentions that Javascript feels elegant for code with a lot of callbacks. He doesn't seem to be bashing js at all, just pointing out places where blocks lead to more straightforward refactorings than lambdas. Hammers vs. wrenches and all that good stuff. He's not asking that all the hammers be replaced with wrenches, he's just asking for the additional option to use wrenches when it would be better to use a wrench.

Blocks are a useful tool in the toolkit. Javascript is not a purely functional language so it's not like some functional purity would be violated. In fact, your proposed solution: "If you need `break`, use for ()!" is much farther from the functional mindset than blocks are.

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