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Show HN: An ultra low-latency WebRTC radio (superserio.us)
7 points by obviyus on Jan 7, 2023 | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments


I find explicable joy in the social experience of listening to music together. One weekend I threw together a PoC with Mediasoup + socket.io and I was amazed how easy it was to get started.

In my very amateur testing, I was able to observe < 100ms of de-sync between 7 different devices, each on a different network. I'm still not too happy about the exact implementation so I'm hoping having some experienced eyes on the project could guide me in the right direction.

Source: https://github.com/obviyus/chanson.live

I've checked out your profile and uplause, it looks like you're also making an onlyfans for india? Not sure what the value add is.

We get that comparison a lot, which is fair considering OnlyFans is what comes to mind when you think “exclusive content” for a lot of folks.

We’ve been in conversation with > 150 local creators and the requirement isn’t just another paywalled Instagram. What about the ability to book a 1-on-1 consultation with a French tutor, along with integrated video calls on the same platform? What about the ability to sell courses? As it stands today, each requirement calls for adding another platform/tool to your dashboard, which in turn piles on its own fixed costs. In time, we plan to cater to a few select feature sets and do it well, all with simple, transparent pricing.

If OnlyFans/Patreon exist, what’s our value add? From what I can tell, neither of those platforms allow payments apart from Credit Cards (for context, fewer than 3% Indians have a Credit Card), neither caters to the language barrier and neither has regional pricing ($5/mo is a lot here!). Above all, their revenue cut is higher than it needs to be (18% for Patreon, 20% for OnlyFans).

We’ve been hard at work on developing these, so the marketing website has been a bit neglected. We should have an improved version up soon, that explains what we focus on a lot better.

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