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10 reasons to grow a giant beard (biggerbetterbeards.org)
15 points by markessien 3109 days ago | hide | past | web | 10 comments | favorite

"We create content like this to get the word out about our website."

This strikes me as nicely direct explanation. It's under the "So what's this all about?"-link.

And the content was quite funny also. Might work.

Mingle's advertising web sites are all hilarious. I love the fact that this is how the team gets their word out. It's such a brilliant marketing plan.

Off-topic crap.


I disagree - this is a great example of promoting your product on the cheap.

That one is pretty funny, but I like their 10 stages to dating one better:


11. Because Stallman does it.

Went to go see him speak at Loyola the other day. Very interesting character.

as if you need a REASON to grow a giant beard...!

this is exactly what i needed to make my day. i like the unicorn one a bit better though.

Where's Emmett?

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