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I actually used this other other day to transmit a root password for a server. Not sure how often this happens but contrary to my own belief there appears to be a market for this sort of thing.

We totally thought the usecases were going to be pretty limited but as it's turned out we've been getting a lot of great feedback from outside of the tech community too.

Drew Carey of all people retweeted it:


I would hope you wouldn't know this from the service itself, but do you know what use cases people are using it for based on feedback? I suspect there may be something its being used for I had not considered and might actually use.

For tech people, we've had the most questions regarding our API (password resets, one-time pads, custom encryption) and also the ability to have custom installs that are separate from the multi-tenant instance (e.g. we now have a paid plan for agencies that does this).

For non-tech people, we've got a lot of feedback along the lines of whistle-blowing, "if only Anthony Weiner had known about this", etc.

Edit: and yes, just to be clear, we do not look at the secrets that we keep. We encrypt all secrets before they're stored. If you include a passphrase, we use that as part of the encryption key and we since don't store that passphrase we have no way to decrypt the secret. It's technically possible for us to decrypt passphrase-lee secrets but we'd have to go out of our way to do it.

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