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yarapavan on Sept 24, 2022 | hide | past | favorite

This is about Amit Agarwal, goes by the handle labnol, and his Google addons + other apps/utilities listed at https://www.labnol.org/.

The twitter thread makes some assumptions - Amit works alone, 5% of the downloaded users become paid customers.

As stated in the comments to the twit, 5% is an extremely generous figure. With that prices I really think is orders of magnitude less.

Even if it’s 100x less, that’s still $130,000/year. Subtract taxes, fees, upkeep, etc, and I think an even $100,000 is reasonable. For a person living in India that might be a lot of money, but I don’t know. Even if it isn’t, who among us wouldn’t LOVE $100,000 in at least sorta passive income? The dude is still doing really, really well, kudos

This feels more like spam to me. The guy did zero research an just pulls numbers out of thin air.

Yeah, when he says "my math" he means "I'm assuming a 5% conversion rate for every app this guy has ever written". Which is insane, if you're wondering.

Ah, Twitter marketing... do a Fermi approximation of an unknown number and present it as fact. "If you like this [bullshit], subscribe to my newsletter!".

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