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How Big Are Covid Particles? (jefftk.com)
11 points by simonpure on May 22, 2022 | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

I don’t think this addresses the differences in the way they spread

Covid is spread almost my exclusively by the ultrafine <2.5 micron PM, which is produced in great quantities by actively infected with high viral loads.you are basically breathing covid air. Measles does this as well.

While influenza can be found in fine aerosolized mist, it is mostly spread by the larger droplets. The virus also survives In the wild for a while, so anything coated with influenza expectorant that gets touched becomes a disease vector. Everyone eventually rubs their nose or their eyes, or worse, gets eaten. This is not how covid Spreads.

Funny that they put influenza containments in place, called it the science, and had little impact on transmission. The sars researchers from 2006 already knew this.

> Covid is spread almost my exclusively by the ultrafine <2.5 micron PM

Hi, how do you know this? Thanks. (Seems absolutely plausible to me, but I haven't seen much on this).

I don’t feel like digging through pubmed, but the CDC or HHS came out and said it turned out we didn’t need to be worrying about big droplets. Washing food and packaging was unnecessary.

But the truth was always there in the fine print. The cdc considered you exposed to covid if you spent a total of 15 minutes within 6 feet of someone shedding corona virus over the course of 48 hours. Even if both people were wearing masks. If you were wearing an N95, but weren’t a trained medical professional who knows proper mask hygiene, you were still considered exposed.

And as everything was winding down, the cdc’s mask advisory changed to the N95 being the minimum level of mask that provided any protection.

Sure, but all that tells us is that a lot of infection is from droplets fine enough to stay suspended for an extended time, not that they are under 2.5 µm.

What do you think of the Jaber Hospital results discussed in the article?

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