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Introducing the YouTube Insult Generator (holovaty.com)
63 points by jnoller on Oct 17, 2011 | hide | past | favorite | 15 comments

I put the first Shakespearean insult generator CGI up on the web in 1994, so I heartily endorse this!

Nice work Adrian. <queries youtube insult generator for "adrian holovaty">

You did not have a childhood and/or think Justin Bieber is cool. #

You are goombas #

You thought the dislike button was a chat bubble where you could post a comment on the video. #

You belive in tomorrow's dreams. thats pretty gay if you ask me..:P great job man, i love your work, i have listened to your work for a long time, and im a huge fan: i have recorded a song, listen to it and say what u think about it. its pretty old, im just waiting to get some sort of recording software to record some of my other songs:) cya! //Frode @Norskpsycho #

You don't believe in daydreams #

You obviously wish you could jam like this dude - seriously, I don't know how anyone can dislike this vid. Top stuff, Adrian, you're a genius, man! :o) #

You are called Jack.. #

Oh no, my machine has turned against me!

Paul Graham -> You have no hearts

my name -> You passed out when you tried to play "say it"

This is pretty interesting (and entertaining).

Another idea would be the reverse - find trending videos on a particular subject and post an insult to try and get some profile views. For example, typing "star wars" would post things like "123 people said NOOOOOOO!" or "29 people think Han shot first".

I wonder if all comment systems that have some form of rating eventually degenerate into appealing to the lowest common denominator to get votes.

This is fantastic! Emergent commenting behaviour gave rise to unexpected structured information.

A search for Apple finds "You are knifed" a reference to YouTube show "the annoying orange" in case you were wondering :-)

I searched for "hacker news", and got "You are part of a lost generation". I lol'd :)

This is more of a "YouTube Insult Scraper", or "YouTube Insult Crowdsourcer".

(Doesn't make it any less hilarious.)

Your insults are generated using YouTube Insult Generator!

"justin bieber" -> "You are what you call real men"

Agreed :)

Doesn't work in Opera?

    "reddit" -> You came here from digg
             -> You of Satan's cock

    "oracle" -> You uses MS Access database

    "WoW"    -> You are fat and sweat too much

"java" -> You here are .not developers

People you don't like Radiohead

... are idioteque

... woke up sucking a lemon

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