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Why Sergey Brin May Have Disclosed His Risk for Parkinson’s (bits.blogs.nytimes.com)
13 points by fleaflicker on Sept 20, 2008 | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

I'd venture a guess that this is just a way to get billions in free publicity for his wife's venture. Open sourcing doesn't really play for me since Parkinsons is a well known disease so there'd be thousands of scientists working on it already + its not like he can't afford the best of the best

Hmm, but the cure has not been discovered yet, IMHO, so even the best of the best is not good enough. I wouldn't accuse Sergey of having ulterior motives...if he really wanted just the publicity for his wife's venture, I think he can do that openly with the help of Google.

My guess is, that discovering you tend to have Parkinson is not a joke...I felt like he is just pondering how to accelerate the fighting against the disease; it wouldn't be bad if Google throws itself in health field.

Let's see what happens and I for one wish Sergey all the best.

I'm not really questioning his motives...I'm just saying that if there is indeed an ulterior motive I find the free advertising much more likely than the motive discussed in the article

I just don't see some scientist working in another field suddenly getting an epiphany from reading about him having Parkinsons and going "OMG I better switch my research to Parkinsons because 30 years from now Sergey Brin might have it...the man co-founded Google, he is a national treasure!"

Maybe, he wanted to show that he is actually human!

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