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>It's not technically mine, either. It belongs to the company I work for.

Well, then you're probably not paying for your own licenses either. Ask your company dept to put in for a license.

>The macbook I use cost about the same as my current monthly salary. You make a lot of money. Good for you.

Well, then that means that it represents 8% of your yearly income instead of my 5%.

I live in Canada; I suspect my cost of living is higher than yours. Blah, blah, etc. What'shisface lives in an expensive country and he doesn't have an effective way to segment the market so you can get a discount.

The point just is that what'shisface made a mistake and considering the role the tool has in your workflow that it's reasonable for him to renegue on his 6 year old promise just so he can keep putting food on his table and continue to produce more updates.

> Ask your company dept to put in for a license.

They're run like a business, not a charity, so I'm sure they'll be thrilled to support a fellow business reneging on an inconvenient contract.

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