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Show HN: TweetBoard.me
124 points by jv22222 on Sept 24, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 46 comments
I've been wanting a "pro-feel" Twitter stats dashboard for a while now.

Inspired by Geckoboard I built TweetBoard.me

If you're a Twitter power user you might like it :)

Looks best in full screen!

Note: There were problems when first launched but now it should be working at the real address:


(Not working on mobile)

Very very nice work. I am no twitter power user, but I really like the interface.

I have been thinking of making a similar dashboard for work (much like GeckoBoard) but I wanted to roll my own as a way to learn JQuery and CSS ...

I see from your comments that it's a JQuery impl. Great work!

Thanks for the inspiration. I need to put my head down and get cranking :)

Clickable: http://TweetBoard.me

    Oops - it looks like Twitter might be down,
    or this machines Twitter API limit has been

Ok this should be fixed now.

Hmm weird. I took the error out. Try reloading the page.

Now not loading anything. As a standard precaution, after the previous error I revoked twitter access, now it's not asking for access again, so probably it's just not going to work.

Edit: Down-votes? Really? And it's not just this comment, it's the grandchild as well, so it's not simply the fat-finger syndrome on a tiny mobile device.

<fx: shakes head> I really don't understand some people. I'm trying to explain a failure mode people. I did this, now it doesn't work. Why do you think it should be downvoted?

No need to revoke access it doesn't really do anything other than use it as a way to tell it's "you" for the "Me" button.

Best practice - I don't leave things like that lying around.

And it has still not asked again for access, so it's still not getting data (I assume).

Edit in response to your reply - noted. Thanks.

It's just because Twitter has an active session. When you logout of twitter it will go away.

It seems that you're starting to build a really powerful tool. Let me recommend changing the position of some elements. For example: - I would put Followers, Following, Listed & #Tweets in the sidebar, that's because those numbers don't change so often. - I would also remove the time of day in the page. I think is an overkill.

Hope that helps :) Germán

As a data nerd, I am very excited by this. My one piece of feedback would be that the contrast isn't very high, which makes text a bit tiring to read, but, other than that, fantastic work, Justin!

What's your stack like?

Apart from the logo, did you design the site yourself? Start off with CSS from somewhere else? Nicely done, Justin. Header you talk about it with impatience on Techzing :)

Yes I did all the CSS & graphics from the ground up :)

Justin the L&F of the site is brilliant... you really nailed a nice design here with the perfect data density mixed with visual flash.

Clickable WORKING version! http://tweetboard.me/#!/ladygaga

If the main tweetboard.me version is not working for you please post your twitter username here so I can try to find out what the broken users have in common.

I changed the URL to include my name instead of what's-'er-face's and the page didn't update. Probably true of every user, but I'm @ColinTheMathmo

Loading it in an entirely new window gives what I assume is my page, but there's no data in it.

That works - now at dinner - will check out more thoroughly later.

Justin mentioned the logo is by Scott Jackon (http://www.iamscotty.com/blog/) when he talked about this on techzing - I really like it.

The design is a bit too much like GeckoBoard I think and it's currently not pulling in any tweets, but I assume this will be fixed soon.

This looks AWESOME. The look and feel is outstanding.

I also checked out Pluggio, great work. Using it as my twitter client now

Yes. Looks good. headed over to @pluggio and started using it.

look into going beyond basic black!

As i'm typing a tweet into the box (under the "I am @name" tab), it seems to refresh that box and lose my tweet regularly, replacing it again with "Checkout my TweetBoard http://TweetBoard.me/name/tweets while i'm typing.

Nice work Justin! I heard you mention this project on your last podcast and was looking forward to seeing it. I know there are a bunch of tools out there to better manage twitter, but this is the easiest at-a-glance view without any setup that I've found.

Interesting, i'm working on a contextual twitter analytics app which is more about visualising the context behind tweets and grouping it. How different is this to Geckoboard?

Very impressed with the look and feel. I definitely see putting this up on a screen for any company that's seriously tracking their twitter following - great work.

It'd be great to have a product tour before providing my credentials...I don't like signing up for things based on only text. Otherwise, the copy looks great!

Love the concept, but the Friend Wall and Follower Growth panels have no data for me. Same with the To/From @Username panels.

I can send you a screenshot if you want.

Not working here, but the design looks great! :-) http://tweetboard.me/#!/folke

It's looking pretty great! Although it does seem to load a little slow for me... But I think I'm gonna bookmark this site for future use.

I like it, what will you do to remind me to get back after a few days when you have stats about my account? (@thanpolas)

There is nothing to remind users as of yet... but that's a good thought!

I'm digging the site / idea, great work :)

Turn this into a chrome extension, or a Mac / Windows Live Wallpaper, and it would really fly!

Nice approach, i like the look. My follower graph & data is wrong though.

Is this a side project or are you fulltime?

Side project. Been working on it for 2 weeks.

Very cool. Did you use any framework for the widgets? How was it built?

No framework other than jQuery. It's an ajax single page pattern. Obvioulsy still a bit buggy!

This turned out really well; better than the screenshots let on!

Really like this, great slick look and feel! Great work!

I can't scroll to right, half of the screen is cut.

Love this. Great work - looks very slick!

Doesn't scale right on an iPhone.

pretty cool, would be nice if you could make the widgets movable (drag & drop)

Wouldnt authorize twitter...

Pretty darn cool!

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