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Nice read. Firm supporter of Web Pi (3.1415). When it comes to building for the web today, I'm always amazed that "so much can be done with so little" and yet the default is the opposite - "so much is needed to deliver so little" - so irrational! Where did we go wrong? I wonder what Web Euler (2.71828) would have looked like?

My favourite phase of the web was Web Golden (1.61803). :) It mostly had static websites but some websites had tiny guestbooks that allowed a little user-generated content.

I remember some of the website hosting providers made it really easy to add guestbooks, even for someone with no programming experience. All one needed to do was create an HTML page that contained a <form> element with the "action" attribute set to a URL of a server-side script provided by the hosting provider. The server-side script would accept every comment submitted via the guestbook and automatically insert the new comment into a static HTML page after escaping the special characters properly.

I'm not in that part of IT; what is WebPi in this context? My mind went to some RaspberryPi stack, but perhaps it is this instead? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_Platform_Installer

In this context it is a play on the Web 2.0 and Web3 terminology.

One that means what?

A number greater than 2 and less than 3, or slightly beyond 3. Come on guys, grab a coffee.

The grifters were just making sure they didn't miss out on a recent rebranding effort.

A fellow supporter! Maybe you like my manifesto from the 'olden days:' http://web3.14159.annwfn.net/

I was full of vim and vigour then, now I'm only full of `vim`.

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