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Ask HN: What do you think about TC posted on Blind?
6 points by imheretolearn 5 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments
I was wondering if the TC posted on Blind is reflective of the comp in our industry(Software Engineering/Tech) in general?

Reflective for the people posting about it on Blind...they're usually at a top tier software engineering company. As a whole, I would imagine the salaries are a lot less than the TC you see represented on Blind. The workplace is also a lot less intense.

FWIW - I've only ever worked in big tech outside of an internship in college at a slow F500 so small disclaimer.

It's very much reflective of large and successful companies in big cities with a high cost of living. Otherwise, not so much.

levels.fyi's report for 2021 - https://www.levels.fyi/2021/

It's reflective of what's possible, not of what's normal.


He's asking about the total compensation packages that are added to everyone's signatures on 'team blind' forums https://www.teamblind.com/, a site where people in specific bigtech cities like SF purely focus on money and ask each other if their offers are lowballed or not. A lot of people with tags of companies added to their profile and I have no idea how they vet this. A lot of people offering shady deals like referrals in exchange for a percentage of your salary after x months, other grey market shenanigans.

It's a weird place. It's kind of a toxic cesspool and at the same time it can be useful if you're interested in certain companies.

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