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How I got the turntable.fm gorilla in less than 48 hours (coderholic.com)
42 points by coderholic on Sept 13, 2011 | hide | past | favorite | 9 comments

The most useful part of this article for me was that really nice ssh tunnel that they posted. https://github.com/apenwarr/sshuttle

Thumbs up for the hacking part! Regarding your karma - 1001 and 4 fans seems suspicious, but is a normal consequence by getting the gorilla too quickly, because then you don't interact enough with fellow DJs / listeners and build your "network". I got it in 4 days without cheating.. but I spent way too much time in coding soundtrack (just repeating what everyone else was playing) and felt that way after:

< 1000 : I NEED bouncer gorilla !! > 1000 : the gorilla is ridiculous.. I take the geeky red ape!

Wow, great job on getting the gorilla legitimately in 5 days! Now I've got the gorilla I think I like the ape with the Fez a little more too! :)

Nice piece of hacking Ben! Always good to see you pointing out bugs and proposing solutions to fellow devs!

it sounds like they could avoid user code accessing the room manager by wrapping it in an anonymous function, so their code wouldn't be accessible to other javascript.

however, this analysis isn't really complete without looking at the http traffic that accompanied these script calls.

this would make it a bit more difficult, but it's hardly that simple. an easy way around this would be to make sure turntable loads your modified scripts instead of their own.

Good job now the interesting thing is turntable is US only. Proxy?

See the "Getting in" section of the article. Full details there.

compare the two, sony's captcha still gets to keep the "gorilla" badge.

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